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The employment relationship is governed by an intricate system of laws, policies and procedures that both regulate and facilitate the relationship. It is however much more - it is also a human relationship. As a human relationship it is multi-layered and dynamic, with changing needs, attitudes and perceptions. We guide you through all of these complexities with the aim of promoting efficiency and equity within the workplace.

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“I found the service given by Carmen Fourie to be very professional and reliable. Her knowledge of the field as well as her ambition sets her apart from anyone else, I have worked with. I did not only enjoy working with Carmen, but she has taught me many things that I will make sure to practice in the future. She is not afraid to voice her opinion and it is her honesty that I admire most about her personality. Lastly, she is very responsive to requests and does so in a courteous and friendly manner. Overall Carmen is a professional person who has a great passion for what she does and proves to be an expert in her field of work.” – Stefan

“It was such a pleasure working with Carmen who seemed to have all the answers to all our questions about employment related issues and unfair dismissals. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a truly qualified practitioner. Thank you, Carmen, we could not have done it without your expert knowledge and professional dealings during the whole negotiation processes.” – Zelda

“Carmen is the personification of professionalism. Her keen eye for detail and dealing with the issue at hand in a prompt and efficient manner sets her apart from her peers. I can highly recommend Carmen to anyone in need of her services.” – Barry